Soapy Fruit

The first time I tried the strange fruit that is feijoa was in the windy but oh-so-beautiful city of Wellington, New Zealand. We were sitting outside basking in the warm sunshine, and there was a drink on the menu with feijoa vodka, Sauvignon Blanc, and some other delicious-sounding libations that I can’t quite remember now. It being my first trip to Kiwiland, I had just recently become obsessed with Sauvignon Blanc, as it was the first white wine that I actually found palatable. Now that I’ve delved into white wine a bit more, I’ve found others that echo the lovely crisp grassiness of the NZ Sauvignon Blanc, but that one will always be my go-to. At that time, I couldn’t resist a cocktail with my new favorite drink (I drank more Sauvignon Blanc during that trip than I care to admit!!) and a new exotic fruit. I ordered it, excited to sip on a tasty refreshing cocktail…


…and almost spewed it all over the table. Blech!!! It tasted as if someone had quite literally washed my mouth out with soap! I took another sip, refusing to believe that such an appealing-sounding cocktail could be so vile, but it certainly didn’t get any better with the second sip. The floral soapiness was overpowering, and I couldn’t even force myself to finish the drink (which doesn’t happen often, if ever). I hadn’t ever tried the fruit itself, though, and was determined to purchase a feijoa fruit and give it a go as soon as possible. I can’t say that I’ve ever come across a fruit that I don’t like, and didn’t want to believe that I finally had found one! Time flew while we were exploring the never-ending wonders of New Zealand, however, and I sadly never managed to taste a feijoa while we were there.

Just the other day, however, I came across a feijoa fruit (from New Zealand, of course) in Whole Foods. It lay there expectantly, daring me to put it in my basket and take it home. I couldn’t resist, and was both excited and repulsed at the idea of trying the actual fruit. It took a few days before I was willing to cut it open and give it a taste.


The Kiwi boyfriend informed me of the best way to eat it – apparently you slice it in half and scoop it out with a spoon – so eat it we did. I took the plunge, scooped away and gave it a go. And that was that. The fruit tasted exactly the same as the cocktail, and one spoonful was more than enough for me. Apparently feijoa is the one fruit I can’t abide, and it took a few slugs of black tea to wash away the perfumed soapiness that lingered on my tastebuds. Perhaps it’s an acquired taste? The Kiwi dug away at the feijoa quite happily and scooped out every last morsel. Then again, Kiwis like Marmite as well, so who can account for their strange tastes 😉

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