Workout 1 – leg focus


10 min. fast walking (between 3.5-4 mph) on treadmill at high incline (between 10-15%). Don’t hold on to the sides but swing those arms to get them warmed up as well!

Set 1: (x3)

1 min. skipping on 1st set, 90 sec on 2nd, 2 min. on 3rd
20 reverse lunges
20 squats, 5 squat jumps
10 pushups
10 TRX jackknife with pike (video)

Set 2: (x3)

15 hamstring curls on Swiss ball (video)
10/leg single-leg deadlifts (video)
20 kettlebell hip flicks (video)
20 crunches on Swiss ball

Set 3: (x3)

30 sec/leg standing on single leg on wobble disc (pic) (if you don’t have a wobble disc, just stand on one leg)
10 pushups
10/leg hip hikes (video)
1 min. plank
10 box jumps


Same as warm-up.


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