Workout 3 – partner workout with tricep bonus set

This workout is great with a partner or by yourself, and is based on sets of 3 x 30 seconds of each exercise. Each exercise is paired with another, so do all 3 sets of both before moving on to the next pair of exercises. No warm-up required, the first pair will get you warm!

Do 30 seconds of each exercise, 3 times.

  1. Bodyweight squats / kettlebell hip flicks (video)
  2. Squats to bicep curl to overhead press (video) / bicep curls with a bar
  3. Box jumps / pushups
  4. TRX jackknife (video) / cable crossover (video)
  5. Jump rope / Burpees
  6. Medicine ball throw down (video) / crunches
  7. TRX back row (video) / battle rope waves (video)
  8. Side bends on hyperextension machine  with 10 lb. weight (video) / hamstring curls on Swiss ball (video)

Bonus set: Do tricep dips on bench starting with a set of 10 and working your way down to 1. (10, 9, 8, 7, etc.)

That’s it! Time to hydrate and recover!

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