Workout 4 – warm-up with core, end with cardio

This is the kind of workout where it looks pretty easy, but you’ll definitely be feeling the burn by the end. No heavy weights, mostly bodyweight, and the cardio is at the end instead of the beginning. The warm-up is a core workout. Have fun!!

Set 1: Core/warm-up – 30 sec x 3 of each pair of exercise, then move onto next pair
a) in and out crunches (video) / mountain climbers
b) knee to elbow (video) / mountain climbers (knees going to opposite elbow)
c) turtles (video) / mountain climbers

Set 2: Leg isolation (x3)
a) 12/leg single-leg deadlift with overhead press (video)
b) using box grid on gym floor, hop down and back on one leg, then switch to other leg and do the same
c) with both legs, jump up the grid from side to side of each box (left side, middle, right, then next box)
d) 20/leg single-leg calf raise
e) 15/leg hip hikes (video)
f) 30 sec/leg single-leg balance on Bosu with knee at 90°

Set 3: Feel the burn (x3)
a) 30 sec of box jumps into pushup on box
b) 21’s – bicep curl with the bar (7 of all the way down to 90°, 7 of 90° to all the way up, and 7 of full-length)
c) 10 TRX tricep extension (video)

Set 4: Wrapping up the legs and lats (x3)
a) hamstring curls on Swiss ball (30 sec)
b) 12/side side extension with weight (video)

Run at easy pace… 2 miles with 2% incline

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