Workout 5 – rowing and core

If you haven’t used the rower (i.e. ergometer) at the gym before, it’s an awesome full-body workout. It’s also a great way to warm up the entire body before lifting, and the fact that it’s non-impact is a bonus!


10 min. rowing. First 8 min. at a fairly easy pace, then pick it up for the last 2 min. until you’re sweating!
10 min. dynamic stretching (video)

Set 1: (x3)

a) 15/leg step onto high box with one foot, driving through heel to come up to straight leg, then step down. Alternate legs.
b) 30 sec high knees (video)
c) 15/12/10 (1st 15, 2nd 12, 3rd 10) pushups
d) 1 min. plank
e) 30 sec/leg single-leg balance on wobble disc

Set 2: (x3) increasing weight each set

a) 15/12/10 lat pull-downs (video)
b) 15/12/10 cable row (video)
c) 15/12/10 seated bicep curl on incline bench
d) 15/12/10 double-arm hammer curls (video)

Set 3: (x3) 

a) 30 Russian twists with weight (video)
b) 15 Supermans (video)
c) 10/side alternating birddogs (video)
d) 15 TRX jackknife (video)

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