Workout 6 – jump rope suicides

Warm-up: 20 min. cycling on a Spin bike

5 min. easy spinning, getting the legs warmed up
5×10 sec higher cadence with 30 sec easy in between
5×10 sec higher resistance, out of the saddle, with 30 sec easy in between in the saddle
Rest of the 20 min. good cadence, keeping the legs warm

Set 1:

Jump rope suicides!!! (preferably with a weighted rope)
5 sets of 1 min. skipping plus 10 pushups
For each time you stop skipping during the 1 min. add a set of 30 sec skipping plus 5 pushups (maxing out at 5 sets even if you stop more than 5 times!)
For each time you stop during the 30 sec sets, add a set of 15 sec skipping plus 3 pushups (again maxing out at 5 sets)

Set 2: (x3)

30 sec. medicine ball throw downs (video)
5 pushups

Set 3: (x3)

20 squats with kettle bells
10 BOSU squats (video)
30 sec toe taps on box (find a box or step about 12 in. high, and alternate touching toes to the box. Sort of like high knees, but not quite as high! Keep it peppy and fast)


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