Workout 7 – Time to Get Jacked!

Warm-up: get loose!

20-30 min light resistance on cross-trainer
10 min. stretching and core

Set 1:
a) 12/side Side extensions
b) 12 Captain’s chair leg raises
c) 15/12/10 cable chest cross-overs (increasing weight each time – go to failure)

Set 2:

a) 16/12/10 (i.e. 8/arm, 6/arm, etc.) seated single-arm bicep curl into overhead shoulder press (increasing weight)
b) 20/15/10 bicep curls (increasing weight)
c) 12 hammer curls (same weight)

Set 3:

a) 15/12/10 cable row (increasing weight)
b) 15/12/10 lat pull downs (increasing weight)
c) 20 superman back extensions

Set 4: Bonus
a) 30 sec/leg single-leg balance on wobble disc or Bosu
b) 15 hamstring curls on Swiss ball
c) 15/leg single-leg calf raises

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