Whenever someone asks me what they should do for a workout, I respond by asking them what they like to do. Exercising should be fun (in my opinion), and you’re more likely to do something that you actually have fun doing than something that you’re forcing yourself to do just because you want to fit in your skinny jeans. Some people need a team or a group to get them out the door, so they’ll have an awesome time participating in a Spin class or joining a local soccer team. Others prefer the solitude of a run by the river or a long bike ride so they have a chance to clear their head. Exercise is very personal that way. I don’t think everyone should do one thing – instead, find what makes you happy and you’ll be more likely to stick with it. Personally, I like doing a variety of exercise. Sticking with one form tends to lead to boredom for me, so I’ll do everything from century bike rides to open water swimming, flag rugby, field hockey, squash, and circuit workouts at the gym. However (and this is just me), as great as I am motivating myself to get into the gym to do a cardio workout, I’m less than stellar at doing any kind of strength training. I’ll kill myself on the treadmill and then have great intentions to get into the weight room, but usually cop out. If I have a workout from someone, though, then for some reason I will get it done no matter what. If others have the same problem, I’ll be posting weekly workouts that I do (that I get from the Kiwi), so that hopefully you can get inspired to get that strength training in as well. It’s so important to be strong, both in everyday life and athletic endeavors, and if you can do even a bit it makes a huge difference. And don’t forget – find something that makes you excited to get out there and have fun!!